Monday, 14 July 2008

Afar off where the shady palm trees stand,
Let us take seat upon the shifting sand,
Where waters greet each open hand.

from Seawind, 4th Triplet

A Poem by simelguwapo



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Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Island

NOTE | The description about The Island (this section) is taken from its own official website. For further enquiries as to how you may visit and make arrangements (including their room rates) kindly visit the official site:

Pandan Island is a private island with a small resort on the West coast of Occidental Mindoro, Central Philippines. Facing the South China Sea, halfway on the coastal road between Mamburao and San Jose, lays the small fishing town of Sablayan. Off its coast, only a twenty minutes boat ride away, is Pandan Island, a 12 ha big tropical island. Having been uninhabited for many years, this paradise was "discovered" by a French adventurer, who established Pandan Island Resort in 1986.

After the island was 'discovered' and the resort established, this tropical island retreat has been voted time and again as one of the top resorts in the Philippines, not in terms of luxury but for it's quality of life and it's personalised atmosphere.

Most of Pandan Island is still covered by primeval forest abundant with all different kinds of birds and butterflies. Two secluded beaches, Wild Lagoon and Spanish Nose, invite to spend an afternoon away from it all and feel a little bit like Robinson.

Pandan Island is for people who like to spend time in tropical surroundings without cars and television. A place where you are woken up by the singing of colourful birds, where there is only a palm tree between you and the sea, where you still know your neighbours and where you may even meet a sea turtle before having your breakfast.

The resort consists of sixteen clean and simple bungalows, a restaurant, a beach bar and a dive centre. The bungalows are all built from native materials and care has been taken to create a simple yet comfortable atmosphere, with a lot of privacy and nature around each cottage. There is no generator on the island, all electricity needed to run the lights is produced by a solar system (12V), installed in each cottage. 220 V are available for charging the batteries of your video camera or flash.

Some of the best spots for snorkeling around Pandan Island can be found just in front of the beach bar. With the coral reef starting right on the beach you can swim around colorful tropical fish within minutes after you arrive.

On Lionfish Den, a coral block in about 3 meters depth, you can observe a big variety of tropical fish such as Parrot Fish, Butterfly Fish, Trigger Fish, Sergeant Major, Lion Fish, and Snappers.

The diveshop is available for renting masks, snorkel and all sizes of fins if you did not bring your own gear and our helpful staff is happy to share with you the latest secrets about the turtles' hang-out.

Scuba Diving is the main attraction on Pandan Island. The dive sites around the island vary from shallow coral gardens to deep drop-offs on the north side, ideal for all levels. Our fully equipped PADI dive shop offers dive courses of all level from Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster.

Our Experience

Pandan Island is like experiencing the white beaches and clear waters of scenic wallpapers.

True! Just look at the photos I posted! It is truly a paradise within reach. It is just a fifteen-minute boat ride from mainland Sablayan (twenty minutes at most). We never imagined that there would be a place as beautiful as this and yet could be so near. Who can blame us for thinking this way since most of the paradisiacal places we know or had visited were never near to their respective town proper.

The island has a small rainforest with a trail that splits into two. One leads you to The Lagoon and the other to a towering coral which they fondly nicknamed The Spanish Nose.

There in the forest, you would hear the diverse sounds of exotic birds, including the amplified sound of crickets. I was imagining a giant onesomething as large as my fist!

When your feet touch the long strip of white sands, you will feel its softness. It was relaxing to the feet really. The line-up of coconut trees along this white strip really made the island even more picturesque!

It was here where we finally experienced our dream of seeing the PAWIKANS! The Giant Sea Turtles! They are AWESOME! It was my first encounter with these wild Pawikans! Well you see I only get to see them when they are in captivity. It was an entirely different experience when you see them in the wild! We saw seven of them during our last visit. The biggest one we saw has a head as big as mine!

Well, about the corals and the fishes of Pandan Island––they really flourish! Here you will see lots of them and I mean LOTS of them! We scattered since there was so much to see! Lots of big corals! Camouflaged fishes! Nemo and company were there. There are too many!